"Captives of the Churmuk"
by Martin Lock & Nick Neocleous

So, the first issue had introduced Charol and Memree; now it was time to send them off on an adventure.  The story continued to have a narrator - but I decided, just to keep things interesting, and keep the two heroines equal, to alternate between them as narrator, so this time Charol took up the tale.  This story also introduced our token male character, Ashil, as Charol's agent, or at least as an intermediary who could offer her work.  And if Charol had a job to do, involving a trip out of town to visit a tribe of nomadic women, you can bet that Memree would not want to be left behind!  Why, she could pretend to be Charol's slavegirl, that would actually help Charol with her mission, which is to help set up the escape of a spoilt young aristocrat, Kreston, right...?

This was the first half of a two-part tale,  Charol and Memree find the Churmuk tribe, and make friends - and enemies!   Charol has a "prove yourself" fight with Natella, "chief warrior of the blue faction" - Natella's technique is less than sporting, but Charol prevails, and she and her "trophy slave" are made welcome.  Natella, however, plots to have her revenge - and although Memree does well in an unexpected challenge to a "rope and tie" contest, the issue ends on a cliff-hanger...

So, the continuing Barbarienne saga was starting to move along, now, although advance sales of the second issue were well down on the #1, as those were the days when "speculators" roamed the earth.  Which probably means that, if there are less than half as many copies of this issue floating around, it's more valuable than the premiere edition...or at least harder to find!

However, I have transcribed a sexier, Eros-style text version of the story from this issue, so grab your scroll-wheel, as it is an extremely long page, and click the button below, to let Charol tell you the story in her own words!
the original text page for this issue