"Escape Clause"
by Martin Lock & Nick Neocleous

The second half of the story begun last time starts, with Memree the narrator again, back in the guest caravan that she had been sharing with Charol - until Charol had been arrested and accused of murdering the tribe's leader, that is!  Don't you just hate it when that happens?

With the help of a friendly Churmuk, Fran, Memree is able to get things rolling - only now it's not just a matter of freeing Kreston, they have to free Charol too!  Luckily, Ashil had provided our friends with a magical diversion...which is why you can see Memree and Atzmon (the evil mage from Barbarienne #1) grappling in the sky in Nick's fine cover painting, while Natella and Charol handle the swordplay in the foreground.

There are, of course, twists in the tale, before we reach what I hope is a satisfactory conclusion... so I don't want to give too much away here!  Both Memree and Charol have to be at their fittest and cleverest if they are going to be able to take control of the situation, but for the full details, it looks as if you'll need to track down the comic!  Let us just say that there are less Churmuk warriors around at the end than there used to be - and rather more slavegirls...

On an ominous note, the issue ends with a scene in the castle tower from the first issue, in which Atzmon met her death.  It rather looks as if, for a powerful magic-wielder like her, death is only a temporary inconvenience!  And guess which pair of females she is rather annoyed with...?
As with the first two issues, an "adults only" Eros-style version of this tale is now available - it's a text story, following the basic plot from before, but with some added fun and frolics - so just click below!  If you've read the first half of the adventure first, that is...