"Fever Dream"
by Martin Lock & Nick Neocleous

It had previously been established that Charol had a badly scarred back.  In this issue we discover some of her past, and the reasons why her back had suffered the scarring - and, at the same time, we attempt to set matters right!

After the successful conclusion to the previous story, Charol and Memree are pretty well off, and Memree has suggested that they go to a healer, and get Charol cured of the scarring.  The healer, Mistress Indigo, tells them that there are no ointments or herbs that can do the job - only a potentially dangerous magical spell, in which Charol relives her past!

So, we discover some of the secrets of Charol's life so far, including why she left the hill-people - and fell into bad company.   At the key moment, as Charol is about to confront the group responsible, despite her injuries - Memree is inserted into the "dream", as a special "guardian angel" type of warrior, as seen on Nick's splendid cover!  Her intervention saves the day - and, when Charol awakens, the scars have vanished...

The spell has worked, and by acting through the past once more, Charol has broken its hold on her - thanks to Memree!  They may have spent almost all their money to do this, but it has certainly been worth it.