"The Slavers" by Martin Lock, John H. Marshall, & Nick Neocleous

This is quite an important issue of Barbarienne; a stand-alone story that shows Charol and Memree in action, and also introduces a character who becomes one of our main players once the Eros "Sky City" series begins: Griffin.
After his excellent work establishing the characters and the series, Nick Neocleous bows out with this issue, inking the pencils of John H. Marshall, a skilled and enthusiastic artist who joined the Harrier team at this time.  And the art from this team is really excellent...

The cover, which was my idea, is a homage to a Dave Stevens cover of The Rocketeer, which had Bettie in a similar pose over his shoulder.

Well, it seems that a team of slavers is operating in a town that Charol and Memree are visiting - and the daughter of one of Charol's old friends is among those who have been abducted!  So, Memree is persuaded to act as bait, by wandering alone along some of the less busy streets, with, hopefully, Charol watching over her from a distance.   The plan seems to work fine, and the gang, led by the very confident Griffin, nabs Memree, and takes her back to where the other girls are being held hostage.

Charol has been following, of course, and picking off members of the slaver gang.  The big swordfight follows, and Griffin is defeated.  Given the option between a slit throat and a metal collar, she decides on the option which allows her to continue breathing, so - the slaver is enslaved.  This frees her bondservant Cleve, another feisty fighting female, but one unable to speak - she will have a major part to play in the next story, which begins in Barbarienne #6...