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"Cold Vengeance"
by Martin Lock, John H. Marshall & Darrell Andrews (background inks & letters)

Charol and Memree are now travelling with Cleve, the female fighter who they rescued from the clutches of the slaver Griffin in BARBARIENNE #5.  She can't talk, and she can't write - but Memree suddenly finds that she can understand the sign language that she uses...

This three-part story was cunningly designed to showcase a new Harrier swords & sorcery title that was about to debut - sadly, the downturn in sales for black & white independent comics meant that only one issue was published.  The wearer of the magical breastplate (or "cuirass") here is not the herone of that comic, however - instead, to avoid cramping the style of the origin in CUIRASS #1, here we have a previous wearer in action, brought out of the past to be a pawn of none other than - Atzmon, the evil mage from the first issue!  And this time she has swapped her leather containment suit for a selection of slinky full-length gowns.  Oh, and she's not too happy with Charol and Memree, since they lopped her head off when last they met.  Women, eh?

In a suitably demonic ceremony, Atzmon brings Verdandi, the "Cuirass" of 500 years before, back to life:

  "Mine the killer, still a lass --
  To my cause I bring: CUIRASS!
  Change this harmless little fool...
  Make her my unwitting tool...
  In the past, a force for good...
  In this age -- a heart of wood!"

Not knowing this is going on, Memree, Charol and Cleve set up camp by Castle Grishelm, where Cleve has assured them some excellent treasure can be found.  After "Lady Rosella" has told Verdandi how wicked Charol is, Verdandi/Cuirass confronts Charol, and wounds and out-fights her...but cannot bring herself to deliver the killing blow.  Atzmon, watching in a magic mirror, doesn't seem too worried.

"Oh, life's greatest pleasures shouldn't be rushed... Let's give Charol a day of pain and hope, shall we - and then send Cuirass back, deeper in our control... She'll kill, if I press her, and bring that empty-headed slut Memree to me.  This is my revenge - and it will be immensely enjoyable!"