"Night in Castle Grishelm!"
by Martin Lock, John H. Marshall & Dave Roberts

A striking cover for the second part of the "Barbarienne versus Cuirass" trilogy - it looks as if we have a winner to the fight, and it isn't Charol, our Barbarienne!

The issue begins with Memree tending Charol's wounded shoulder; Cleve and Memree leave Charol to rest, and begin to explore the ruins of the castle.  One dungeon seems to contain a whole sunny forest - and sitting on a rock is a minor spirit, or something, calling himself Sprite.  He makes a spell which allows Cleve to talk (at least, while she is within Grishelm), and gets her to confess that she'd tricked Charol and Memree into coming there.  The only "treasure" was her chance to regain her voice - and before that could be made permanent, there was much danger to face!

"Oh Cleve, you should have said.  We only wanted the treasure for you, Charol and I have our own money."

"I'm a minor, local spirit", Sprite tells them.  "Further down are the powers you need, Cleve, and they're rougher than I am.  All I can do is prolong the talk-spell until dawn, and, if I con- centrate... return you to full strength, and give you an edge..."

As they leave that particular dungeon, Charol rejoins them, apparently recovered...but before much can be said, the trio find themselves facing a more formidable power.  But their conversation is interrupted by the return of Cuirass - deeper in Atzmon's power, and out for blood!  And... well, you've seen the cover... no wonder the issue ends with Atzmon looking very happy!