"Red Dawn"
by Martin Lock, John H. Marshall & Dave Roberts

Since we didn't want to give anything away about what would happen inside this issue following Charol's (apparent) death last time, she isn't on the cover; instead, Memree goes into battle against the wearer of the Cuirass, in an especially dynamic cover by John,  Well, it evens things out, since Charol had featured without her blonde buddy on #7!

Still, the story begins in the aftermath of that terrible moment.  Cleve restrains Memree, who (as you might expect) wants to kill Cuirass...while Cuirass, or Verdandi, seems confused.  She is from 500 years before, so she knows that Grishelm shouldn't be a ruin.  And what "Lady Rosella Atzmon" told her - does it make sense?  And why does she have strange memories of a quite different Atzmon from the "kindly healer" she had pretended to be...?

It looks as if the magic of Grishelm is clashing with the enchantments Atzmon had used.  Cuirass is persuaded to join forces with Cleve and Memree, and - well, how much detail should I go into here?  Let's just say that there is an assault on Atzmon's headquarters, and a suitably satisfactory resolution to end the eight-issue Harrier run, and to lead straight on to what would have been the ninth issue, which you can read on this very website!  And that, in turn, leads on to the Eros "Sky City" storyline...