"To Spektros..!"
by Martin Lock & Paul Noughton

The second Eros issue's text page again has an interesting "background" letter, this time sent by Engra, the "other" slavegirl in the group, to her sisters back home.

The cliff-hanger from #1 had a pirate ship floating into view - and this time we start with the battle.  Charol may only be wearing a short and skimpy skirt (and even that has to be discarded mid-battle), but with a sword in her hand she is as lethal as ever, and is instrumental in saving the day. The grappling lines are cut, the boarders overwhelmed - though the leader of the pirates does manage to escape, using a parachute.

It's time for lunch, and some sapphic passion, before the floating island/city of Spektros is reached.  Stone, the only tre Dovidia employee on Spektros, who has been looking after the house and stables, greets them, and has a cart ready to carry the party's luggage.  Charol (or perhaps we should call her "Roli" now) has her arms secured behind her back in the cross-arm binder, so is powerless to resist the greeting of Lieutenant Shriver of the Spektros City Watch - a long and very intimate kiss, plus a bottom-groping!  Luckily, thanks to her slave training, she is able to respond appropriately to this rather mannish young woman, who introduces herself to Memree as "the Watch liaison for House Dovidia".  Seeing her interest in Roli, Memree invites her to supper the following evening.  "You've made a big hit with Roli, the shameless slut... I'll make sure she has the chance to entertain you properly then."

During the journey by cart to the house, we catch our first glimpse of Elfren and her miniature dragon.  The house is cobwebbed and dusty - a lot of cleaning will be needed, it seems.  Sensibly, Memree has the three slavegirls strip, so that their costumes won't get mucky.  This seems such a sensible idea that she strips as well... though I must admit that, as page twenty sinks slowly in the west, not a lot of cleaning seems to be going on...