"Hot Water!"
by Martin Lock & Paul Noughton

The team's first morning on Spektros begins with breakfast in the kitchen - plus the arrival at the door of Elfren, spotted the previous day during the drive to the tre Dovidia house, who offers her services "as a local guide - maybe even help you get the house tidy, if your mistress has coin to spend...?"  We get our formal introduction to her companion, Raz, as well.  "I hatched him from an egg I found, he's a fire-worm.  He eats fruit and insects, and he's very intelligent."

Since the place is well-off for insects, Raz and Elfren are both hired.  As Elfren is fairly young, at least by Elf standards, she gets to keep her clothes on - which leaves her out of the main fun, when the cleaning of a bath that's more the size of an indoor swimming pool starts to get interesting, after Ashil manages to get the cistern working and the pipes cleared.  Good clean fun, involving Memree and all three slavegirls!  After that, of course, there is plenty more house to clean - by late afternoon, they'd reached the dusting stage, along with burning those carpets and curtains that were beyond any further use; Roli even gets a few minutes to introduce herself to the avian roarer Fireball, the local equivalent of a horse.  "...used to draw a racing chariot in the arena", Stone tells her.

Roli is prepared for Lieutenant Shriver's visit by a few hours of naked, ball-gagged bondage, with some "salve" applied to her more sensitive bits.  Then she gets to help Shriver bathe, though she's been ordered not to talk - but with slavegirls, actions speak louder than words, anyway!  Much watery fun ensues, above and below the surface.  Making a very good impression on Shriver is Roli's task, and she certainly applies herself to it with enthusiasm... something the Lieutenant isn't exactly short of, either...

Doing a web search, I found that one of those rather dubious Russian-based websites had this issue available online - since we are currently out of print, there seems no harm in linking to it, since it's free - no promises that it is still working when you click the link, though!
adults only!