by Martin Lock & Paul Noughton

Explorations of Spektros, that is...and of each other, by Charol and Memree!

The issue begins the following morning, with a tired but happy Lieutenant Shriver and Roli.  Shriver has nothing but praise for Roli's, er, "hospitality", so as a reward Roli is allowed to go out shopping with Elfren.  We meet Dudsley, a stallholder and friend of Elfren and Raz - we then go on to The Swan at Bay, the tavern where Elfren lodges. run by the dwarf Alban Cloudseeker, where Roli finds Shriver bragging about the "events" of the previous night.  Which leads Roli to walk up to her and give her a kiss much like the one Shriver greeted her to Spektros with, complete with "goosing" - as pictured!

The tour continues, with a quick view of Adjudicator Bertun's palace, and a climb to the top of the magnificent Spektros Amphitheatre, where the chariot races are held... plus some actual shopping, I suppose, as Roli is carrying a bag of stuff when they return to House Dovidia.

After some more hard domestic work, the house is starting to smell fresh at last, and, after Elfren has left, there is a council of war.  House Dovidia is fully committed to the coming harvest, and Memree can't get the lawyers to release any money.  So, while they won't starve, they definitely need to earn some money in the short-term.  Griffin suggests that they can hire out a troupe of slavegirls for erotic displays and exotic dancing, since they are, for Spektros, exotic, and definitely erotic.  A rather small troupe, perhaps - but Memree decides that, with a little disguise, she can be part of it, too.  "I can be as shame- less a slut as anyone here, and I want to prove it!"

The issue ends with Memree and Roli in Memree's bed.  Plans have been made for the future... but for now, this was the reality - two girls in love, and loving it...

And that was how the saga was left, for rather too long.  But we are up and running again now, so stay with us for the continuing erotic adventures of Memree/Ellan, Charol/Roli, Griffin, Engra - and others yet to be introduced!