by Martin Lock & Paul Noughton

The adventures of Charol and Memree continue, after too long a publishing gap, with a visit to an interesting Spektros shop called "Restraint & Display" - "Just the shop we needed", Memree notes, "if House Dovidia was to hire out its slavegirls for display purposes.  Griffin had made a brief visit in the morning, to arrange a private appointment for us.

"Meanwhile, Roli and Engra had worked on my hair, turning me from Ellan, their mistress, into Memree, just one of the girls.  Then, after an early lunch, the four of us walked to our appointment, with Griffin in command.  The cross-arm binders were her idea, to help me act more like a slavegirl.  Wearing one certainly made me careful to avoid falling over..."

Well, the owner of the establishment, Elantha, certainly gives our young ladies her full attention - and at the end of the session, asks that Memree remains behind.  As a slavegirl herself, Griffin can hardly say no!  Let's just say that Memree works her usual spell, shall we?

That evening, Ellan and Roli (or Memree and Charol) are enjoying a quiet game of cards (of course, I could be lying about that), when, well, I guess the title of this issue's tale is a bit of a clue.  Just as well that issue six is scheduled to ship only a month after this...