"Action By Night"
by Martin Lock & Paul Noughton

The previous issue ended on a bit of a cliff-hanger - so if you've not read it yet, this counts as a "spoiler warning", okay?  In fact, you'd probably better read this issue first, come to that, or there is not all that much I can say without spoiling things...

Anyway, Memree has been abducted - and since Charol had had her arms secured behind her at the time, there hadn't been much she could do about it.  Luckily, the rest of our team are soon on the scene, and able to free Charol, and Ashil, peering out of the window, manages to spot the abductors.  "I see it - a big, black-painted coach, pulled by two horses - heading north!"

There's no time to waste, so, Charol sets off in pursuit wearing only her corset, on the roarer (a bit like an ostrich) Fireball...

The following day is more restful, you will be glad to hear, and Griffin is able to try and choreograph some "display" for Roli and Memree.  And the day ends with Griffin very much in command -let's just say being First Slave of such a household definitely has its good points!