"When The Statues Walked"
by Martin Lock & Paul Noughton

This is the second half of the "Silverfire" adventure - and, as our tag to the previous issue says, "the smart money's on Shimmer", the mage with the J-Lo taste in clothes!  Hey, I wanted her to wear nice shiny silver leotards, it was Paul who wanted to be a bit more up-to-date...

As with part one, we have a number of different narrators.  Shimmer herself continues the tale from last time, but Elfren quickly takes over - and the next change is not quite as obvious, as Shriver doesn't introduce herself again, but from page 16, for a little "celebration" with Roli, she's in charge once more.

As with part one of the story, Memree doesn't appear; she's safe at home, which seems pretty sensible to me!  As for the plot, well, there isn't much I can say, as I don't want to spoil the action here, or reveal the big climax from last time, but it's high adventure, and, I hope, good fun... a change from our "slavegirls at play" indulgences.  Not that it doesn't get pretty playful at the end, but the main emphasis is on adventure this time, if in a pretty sexy way.

Anyway, you are advised to obtain and read both part of "Silverfire" together if you can, though Shimmer does give a fairly detailed "The Story So Far" narration on the inside front cover.

The title is based on the fourth "Brak the Barbarian" novel by John Jakes, "When the Idols Walked" - not that I've ever read it, but I always thought the title sounded rather good!   It's available as an ebook, a quick Google search informs me...

Don't worry, Memree returns next time!