"An Evening At Home"
by Martin Lock & Paul Noughton

Memree and Charol reunited!  Or Ellan and Roli, of course.  It may only be hours ago that Memree was out in the rain, coming back from her luncheon engagement - but it seems a while since our two heroines were together.  And it looks as if they are making up for lost time!

After all the plot and adventure of the past two issues, it's a relief to report that this issue has very little plot, and no adventure at all.  Instead, we've got Memree, Roli, Elantha, and lots of soapy warm water... followed by a fair number of  tight leather straps and clinking metal chains!  Yes, it's the business, as usual, at House Dovidia - and we wouldn't have it any other way, right...?