"Educating Shimmer"
by Martin Lock & Paul Noughton

At the end of the two-part "Silverfire" adventure (from issues 8 & 9), we were left with Shimmer as a shadow of her former self - the spell she had been wielding had taken over her mind so much that its removal left not much more than a blank slate.  "A woman empty of...feelings, joys, desires, or memories." So, Chandravar has some work to do - and decides that this situation is best remedied by giving her... a new interest..

"Briefly, before I activate her psyche - I want her to love you, Roli."

"You're serious?"

"Unrequited passion seems a solid way to catalyse her personality - and this will perhaps not be too great an imposition on Roli...?"

Naturally, Roli, and Griffin decide that the passion doesn't have to be too unrequited, and the three of them retire to a private room to celebrate Shimmer's new job at The Swan at Bay!